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For many, many years IWT GmbH has experience on water purification and the filtering of water. From the very beginning up to the market introduction, various reputable scientists have been participating in the research and development of the patented IWT-Technology.

At this very moment there is a great shortage of usable fresh water, and the available quantity of fresh water from natural sources are diminishing rapidly. In order to fulfill the worldwide demands for clean water, in future more new water purification technologies have to be developed and used to desalinate seawater into fresh drinking water or to purify contaminated industrial waste water. In the years to come, those having control over the limited quantity of available freshwater might have great economical advantages and increasing political power. In the near future the market for water purification technologies will be insatiable and the willingness to use new innovative technologies will expand.

At the Eureka World Innovation Fair in Brussels, when the IWT-Technology was presented for the first time, the technology was honoured with the Gold Medal for its trend-setting and innovative technology to purify contaminated water. After years of further developing and intensive testing, the IWT-Technology now can be introduced in the market and change the lives of millions of people world wide.

The IWT-Technology is a unique technology forsewage, fresh water, exploitation of hydrogen as well as desalination of seawater or brackish water into drinking water. It comprises of 4 techniques for the treatment of fresh/sea water/sewage as well as an innovative technology of membranes which can be operated in existing plants.


  • SP - Purification of industrial waste water
  • SD - Purification and desalination of seawater and brackish water
  • AMF - Adjustable membrane filtration
  • H2- Hydrogen Extraction
  • FWT – Fresh Water Extraction

Because of these new Technologies the IWT-systems have unique advantages in comparison to the commonly used SWRO installations. Besides a lower energy consumption, the operational expenses are significantly lower, the installations are more hours per year available and last but not least, it is possible to generate pure hydrogen. aus.


The company

Many decades of experience in sewage, sea water process technics make us to a worldwide leading developper and producer of high quality sewage purification/sea water desalination plant developper.


  • Close contact to the customer by worldwide representations.
  • Customer satisfaction by high product quality, supply security and optimal service..
  • Concentration on customer oriented solutions.
  • Engaged research and development with focus on a continous product innovation and new developments fort he benefit of the customer.
  • Focus of a worldwide growth in the area of process technique and general process engineering.
  • Our production is e.g. certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001


Know How

Since decades we develop our know how continously. By personal consulting at engineering, at sale and at service our employees transfer this know how to our customers.


  • High specialized engineers develop with the most modern IT support optimized technical solutions.
  • Permanent education and the daily learning from experience secures our future oriented technology and the outstanding product quality and services.
  • Test applications are available at certain conditions for special use at customers property.




  • Leading technologies (patent protected) and outstanding product quality.
  • Analysis and solution of the tasks in the area of the treatment of liquids.
  • Consideration of the optimal energy exploitation and the highest possible energy recovery by qualified engineers.
  • Reliable spare part service. Our comprehensive storage ensures quick availability of spare parts.


Production technics

  • Comprehensive PPS- system for steering the commercial and engineering processes.
  • Short supply periods, high flexibility.
  • Comprehensive quality assurance program for permanent high quality and performance.
  • Comprehensive quality assurance program for permanent high quality and performance.
  • We deliver high quality products which solve your application optimal.


Plant volumes are available at 0,2 m³/h, 0,5 m³/h, 1,0 m³/h, 1,5m³/h, 2,0m³/h, 2,5m³/h, 3,0m³/h, 3,5m³/h, 4,0m³/h, 4,5m³/h, 5,0m³/h, 7,5m³/h, 10,0m³/h und 20,0m³/h other volumes available upon request.

Plant materials comprises partly of 1.4301, 1.4401, 1.4404, 1.4539, 2.4819 (Hastelloy), titan, SMO 254, nickel etc..



Mail to us your technical key data or even better send us your requirement specification and we will develop jointly with you a solution for you .