Field of Applications

Food industry

Hygiene, purity of the product are of high importance in the food industry. This is true independent of whether the product at issue is tofu, cheese, beer, mineral water, fruit juice or wine. Due to those high demanding requirements the IWT-system is the appropriate solution to meet those requirements economically for the customer e.g.

  • prevention of microbial contamination and biotic contamination within the transportation area of a transporter
  • optimisation of bottle cleaning machines 
  • water processing for sterilization of packaging materials
  • product separation




Future oriented solutions for hospitals and clinics in the area of labratory sewage. Around the clock, the entire year, the quality of the sewage has to meet highest demands in quantitive, qualitative and hygienical view. The IWT- system meets those epidemic hygienical guidelines.



Chemical industry

In the focus of the chemical industry is the security as well as the long lasting of the items. The requirements to be met by the chemical industry with regard to security of the processes and environment are increasing and we have adapted to those requirements.


We offer for expample solutions for the following tasks:


  • VE-water processing for processes and labratories
  • sewage processing
  • product separation



The automobile industry is very diverse as almost no other business activity. Sewage (whether oily or not) of the divers production areas is immense important for the security of personnel as well as for a smooth production. Our very reliable and low-maintenance requiring IWT- system has a high reputation of many customers.



Metal processing

In the metal processing a great number of chemicals are used. For example some applications in the metal processing:

  • maintanance and extention of service life of treatment baths   
  • process water processing
  • sewage processing
  • product separation


Sea water desalination

The quaility of drinking water from the IWT- system to the water tap of the end user is a task with high responsibility which requires a high confidence in the used product.

Our IWT- system secures an efficient desalination and treatment of drinking water without any smell or taste deficiencies in accordance with the legal requirements. The safe, continuous and automatical

operation with low service and maintenance is self-evident for us.


Here you see some examples for the application of our system in the water supply:
  • drinking water sterilisation
  • brackish and desalination
  • removal of undissolved water contents


Swimming pools

The main goal in the processing of water of swimming pools is to always and at any contamination ensure that the water of the swimming pool has the same hygienical pure consistence. The solution of the IWT- system is comprehensive und all including – our IWT-system offers everything which is necessary for the treatment of swimming pool water.


  • circuitry and water processing
  • pH- factor correction
  • desinfection
  • water heating to any desired temperature


We plan and realize the appropriate system solution for you. We include your individual needs and feel responsible for you.