Fields of Application

Fields of Application The IWT plant is suitable for processing sewage from the industry and for the generation of recyclable fractions of raw material for re-use. Examples for field of application of the „IWT“ – process

Water supply

  • Exploitation of drinking water from sea water

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Treatment of sewage

  • For re-use togehter with extraction of recyclable fractions e.g.


Food industry

  • At production of olive oil
  • At production of margarine
  • At production of vegetable fat

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Metal industry

  • At treatment of water – oil - emulsions
  • At varnished sewage of car production

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Petro-chemical industry:

  • Oil production
  • Raffineries
  • Oil contaminated ground

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Transport industry

  • Internal water treatment of ships
  • Purification liquids of „transport containers“
  • Washing water of car wash plants

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  • Biogas plants


Volume of industrial water classified by branches as follows:

Chemical Industry 25%
Paper and pulp 15%
Automobile 10%
Metal- and Steel industry 15%
Varnish and colours 5%
Slaughterhouses 5%
Landfill(leachate) 10%
Landfill(leachate) 15%

* „other“ are e.g. hospitals, radiologic institutions, semiconductor industry etc.