Part I: Sewage treatment in the food industry.

1. Processing of milk

butter production
Condensed milk production
Dairy products:
Dairy drying, milk sugar
Ice cream production
Cheese dairy:
Cream cheese
Soft cheese, cut and hard cheese
Processed cheese
Cheese production
Acid capsulas
Rennet casein


2. Edible fat and oil

Treatment of edible fat:
Seed fats
Flesh fat
Animal fat
Raffinery of edible oil:
Seed oils
Flesh oil
Fish oil


3. fruit and vegetable products

Vegetable can:
Sour can
Convenience food
Frozen products
Vegetable juices
Fruit can:
Wet can
Semi products such as:
Fruits with alcohol
Sirups and raw materials
Confitures Marmelade Jelly
Dry fruits
Frozen products
Fruit juices
Convenience food
Recovery of pectin


4. Soft drink

Fruit juices:
Fruit juice
Fruit nectar
Soft drinks with fruit juice
Vegetable juices
Vegetable juice
Vegetable drink
Mineral water


5. Fish processing

Fresh fish processing
Herring processing frozen fish
Barbecue house
Cooking marinade
Salmon imitation production


6. Potato processing

Fresh products:
Cut potatoes
Pre cooked potatoes
Potato salads Sterilised potatoes and potato products
Dry products:
Dry potatoes
Smashed potatoes
Raw dried potatoes
Bread products:
Pommes frites
Feed products:
Feed product drying
Potato damping


7. Meat production

Slaughterhouses and shipment butcheries:
Intestinal cleaning
Processing of blood for human consummation
Processing of fat
Processing of skin Processing of bones, blood and other waste for technical products
Meat processing industry:
Fresh meat
Meat and sausages
Meat and sausage cans
Mixed cans ( Meat percentage above 50%)
Meat cut industry:
Raw cut
Fine cut
Poultery slaughterhoses


8. Beer production



9. Sugar production

Sewage in general Seal and condensed water


10. Alcohol production

Yeast and alcohol production from quality melasse according to the yeast ventilation procedure
Yeast production according to the thick mash procedure


11. Starch industry

Starch production:
Corn starch
Potato starch
Wheat starch
Rice starch
Starch sugar production:
Starch sirup production: