Adjustable Membrane filtration AMF-System


Due to the increasing shortage of usable water, the need for water purification and water treatment systems is growing more and more. Over a period of more than 100 years the membrane technology has developed in such a way that it has become the most used purification technology with a market share of over 50% of all technologies used.

However, the performance of this technology has not satisfied the users up till now, because the conventional waste water and seawater purification installations still have huge operational costs and large amounts of money have to be spent for service, maintenance and parts. Also extra expenses have to be made for additional treatments where chemicals are added to make the water suitable for further use. The durability of the membranes while being an essential part of each installation is very limited and exchanging them is very expensive. The yield of clean water coming out is only 40-50% of the amount taken in and the separation of the individual components dissolved in the liquid is not possible.

IWT has managed to develop an adjustable membrane, the AMF-Membrane, which is covering the full filtration spectrum. In all IWT-systems wwwhich require the need of membranes these AMF-membranes are used. Its design and the fact that the membranes are adjustable is unique. Tests have shown that the yield of clean water coming out has increased to in some cases more than to 95%. Also the durability of these FMR-membranes is significantly longer than the conventional membranes presently available in the market.

When using the AMF-Membranes enormous savings can be accomplished. Not only is less membrane surface needed but because of improved performance the expenses for service, maintenance and repairs will decrease substantially. The AMF-membranes can be easily integrated in every existing filtration technology.

The membrane filtration is purely a separation technology. The products dissolved are not thermally burdened nor are they undergoing some chemical changes. By using different membrane types a separation all the way down to molecular level is possible.

Filtration applications of AMF- membranes: