Fresh water extraction FWE-System

Drinking water fort he human use is the most important food. Even other user need drinking water or water in drinking water quality for example the pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry etc. This can be very important for the identification of the production site of a company.


  • rivers
  • lakes
  • contaminated ground water
  • contaminated fountains
  • dams
  • from karst areas

Not only due to weather and environmental influences water has increasingly high differences in particles and other contaminations.

Particles are often anorganic material (sand, clay, rust etc.) and organic items, heavy metals as well as arsen not to forget. The organic material can comprise of crop and animal, living or dead organisms. Living organisms can be carriers of diseases or other not wanted micro organism which live from crop organisms.

Due to the minor size of bacterias, germs and viruses a reliable system for the effective execution of those items is required.

The FWE- system is fully suitable for those tasks.


  • FWE purifies the water
  • FWE sterilizes the water and offer water free of bacterias/germs/virsuses
  • FWE has no membranes in action
  • FWE requires no chemical additions
  • FWE works without any CO2 production

The technical construction is similar to SP and SD systems. The company applied for a epidemic hygienical admission.