Hydrogen extraction H2-System


It depends on the expensive separation of hydrogen that the use of hydrogen is not very rampant. Hydrogen as source of energy has the potential to change our energy supply substantially and to solve our energy shortage problem in the long term. Renewable energy can be directly stored in hydrogen.


  • Hydrogen as engine of the future
  • Hydrogen as fuel of the future
  • Hydrogen as energy storage of the future
  • Simple H2 instead of CO2
  • We stop emissions by the IWT-H2-System


Hydrogen is the mobile fuel of the future in order to reduce emissions in the long term and to satisfy the energy demand comprehensively.

The IWT-H2-System produces hydrogen at very low cost without any CO2 emissions.

Its consumption produces no climate relevant CO2-emissions. It may also be used for e.g. heating or generation of energy. It is the ideal energy storage for renewable energy sources!

The actual energy storages (e.g. coal, diesel and petrol) have the disadvantage that they emit pollutants at the use of is stored energy. The hydrogen circle which extracts the energy produces only steam.


Energy storages as coal, gas or fuel are scarce resources.
The exploitation of hydrogen by the IWT-H2- System offers practical unlimited resources.

Hydrogen is regularly used in industrial applications and is one of the chemical elements of the basics of the world: H2 is the most simple and most frequent element of the universe. As gaseous medium hydrogen is invisible and without any taste. It is the third frequent element on the surface of the world and is not only inherent in water but also in other organic substances. The specialty of hydrogen is its energy density: In comparison of all fuels hydrogen has referred to its mass the highest energy density. 1 kg hydrogen contains as much energy as 2.8 kg petrol and is practically always available.

Energy is generated by e.g. wind power of sun energy. Such energy produces by the „IWT-H2-Verfahren“ water into hydrogen and oxygen. Both are stored in gaseous condition in tanks and can lateron by used e.g. in a combustion motor as energy. Compared to other procedures no pollutants occur. Its production is possible independent from coal, gas or oil imports. No substances from other geological eras will be consumed.

Production of hydrogen

The production as well as the treatment of hydrogen needs quite a lot of energy. Currently, this energy is mainly supplied by fossil energy sources. That means that the natural resources further decrease and the pollution of the environment further increases. The true advantages of hydrogen therefore can not be exploited which changes completely with the IWT-H2-procedure.


CONCLUSION: Hydrogen in gaseous condition as storage medium will be very important in the future because it has many advantages compared to other storage mediums. Hydrogen is from the current prospective the fuel of the future which will replace fossil energies. The course for hydrogen as fuel of the future has been set by the patented „IWT-H2-Procedure“.