Seawater Desalination SD-System


The SD-technology can be used for the purification or desalination of seawater and brackish water. This technology is far mature over the presently mainly used SWRO technology. The frequent change of membranes do not exist and the additions of chemicals are not needed.

Without being connected to an energy source, these systems can be used anywhere in the world to generate clean drinking water. Small units with a capacity ranging from 1 m3 up to 20 m3/hr can be built or large water desalination plants with unlimited capacity can be constructed by just linking the individual modules to each other. The use of the SD-systems is not limited to stationary units. To enhance flexibility we can offer you various mobile solutions like systems built in a 20ft or 40ft container.

These mobile systems can be used almost everywhere and it is offering islands, touristic agglomerations, industrial sites, sea vessels, areas stricken by natural disasters, etc. instant clean drinking water made out of seawater.

More than one billion people have no or not enough clean drinking water. Annually approx. 5 million people are dying because of contaminated drinking water. Usable fresh water will be the most valuable commodity in the 21st century. Less available drinking water despite the increasing world population will create an huge problem in the future.

At this very moment there is a great shortage of usable fresh water, and the available quantity of fresh water from natural sources are diminishing rapidly. In order to fulfill the worldwide demands for clean water, in future more new water purification technologies have to be developed and used to desalinate seawater or brackish water into fresh drinking water or to purify contaminated industrial waste water.

The SD-technology has a worldwide unique and innovative solution for the lack of drinking water with numerous extra advantages:

  • an autonomously operating system
  • no outside energy or fossil fuels are needed to operate the system
  • no production of CO2 or other harmful byproducts
  • no chemical additions needed
  • very limited staff needed to operate the system
  • extremely low maintenance and repairs

On top of that there is a positive energy balance due to the fact that the SD-system is using solar and wind energy and it is producing pure hydrogen as well. The extra energy generated in the form of hydrogen can be sold. The same can be done with the salts and minerals that are separated during the water purification process. We will support you with finding the best strategy to make money with these valuable rest products.