Sewage Purification SP-System



The commonly used waste water purification systems have huge operational expenses and require a lot of maintenance, which means large sums of money have to be paid for service and new parts. On top of that, many companies have to make extra costs for additional treatments because chemicals have to be added in order to obtain or to come close to the desired result. Through the development of the IWT-system with its physical sewage sea water technology, it has one of the most innovative technologies in the world for the purification of (industrial) waste water. Compared to the existing technologies, this unique IWT-technology is both much more economical and more ecological. Therefore, when using the IWT-technology for water purification or water treatment, not only money will be saved but also the environment will benefit.

The low operational costs of a SP-system are due to the very low energy consumption to operate the system, low labour costs and the very limited service and maintenance needed. The widely know problems of the membrane technologies like bacterial infection, clogging filters with decreasing permeability, extra additions of chemicals, etc. are not existing with IWT.

The SP-technology is an "all-in-one, stand-alone" purification technology that can individually separate all substances dissolved in the liquid that has to be purified. If desired all these valuable raw materials, generated from the liquid can be re-used.


  • SP purifies the liquid and recycles the water
  • SP disinfects the liquid and makes it absolutely free of bacteria, fungi and virus t
  • SP separates the raw materials so they can be re-used   
  • SP does not need additional chemicals  
  • SP operates without any CO2 emission

If needed the SP-systems can be installed anywhere at the world autonomously from any energy source. The SP-systems have a modular design and therefore can easily be built exactly according to the local needs. The technology can be used in a wide field of applications, in capacity ranging from 0.2 up to 50 m3/h for individual modular systems. When linked to each other huge water purification plants can be constructed. The use of the SP-systems is not limited to stationary units. To enhance flexibility we can offer you various mobile solutions like systems built in a 20ft or 40ft container.

Die Realisierung der Anlagen ist nicht auf stationäre Einheiten beschränkt - zur größtmöglichen Flexibilität bieten wir verschiedenste mobile Lösungen z.B. als Übersee-Container an.

When operating, the system does not need outside energy due to the integration of optional components. The energy supply is realized by solar energy, wind energy or through using the hydrogen, produced by the system itself. The extra hydrogen produced can be stored and sold or used for other company activities.

The following fields of application can be mentioned for the SP-technology:


  • Water treatment
  • Food industry
  • Metal industry
  • Paper- and cellulose industry
  • Petro chemical industry
  • Transportation industry
  • Etc.

The main goal of the SP-technology is the re-use of the treated waste water and or to separate the individual rest products so they can be re-sued as well. The additional outcome is, that there are also economical and ecological advantages. The yield of purified water with this technology can be as high as 95%, whereas Reverse Osmosis and Electro dialysis might only come to 40-50% efficiency. The low yield of treated water when using other technologies will result in high costs for after-treatments of the effluent and or for the further purification steps taken.

When using the SP-technology, no other expensive after-treatments are needed for the disposal or purification of industrial waste water.

Multiple tests with industrial waste water from various well known industrial companies have significantly shown the economical and ecological efficiency of a SP-system. The generated rest products could be re-used again or sold in the market with some additional profit. We are at your disposal and support you with experienced experts and innovative concepts.